Playbook has shutdown

Playbook is Discontinued!

But we have a great alternative called Vanillo

Vanillo is in Alpha and you will need to request an account to begin with you can do this at // and at the Alpha Application. We are not affiliated with Vanillo we just think it is a good YouTube alternative!

Why did we discontinue Playbook?

  1. Playbook has sluggish and buggy
  2. Playbook did not have an easy to use interface
  3. Hard to find creators
  4. Bad codecs
  5. Videos usually did not play
  6. Only supported MP4 or MP3
  7. Never updated
  8. No Userbase
  9. Waste of storage on the allMotti Server’s

Will we release a new Playbook?

NO! Or very unlikely.

Why are allMotti services suddenly dying?

Well allMotti itself is not dying just some of the crappy services.

Thank you for understanding…¬†or not.

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