allMotti Changelog 9

allMotti Beta 6:0 (Codename: Shelliemack)

Small updates:


Big Updates:

Introducing the Moppin! A brand new game console For the people!

Introducing SuperBrowse for Android! Yes, the fabulous SuperBrowse is now on Android!

Google Play Badge

Featured Update: Introducing SocialBook the best social media site ever ad-free and no personal info taken! Visit it here: 

Introducing FULL SSL!! Yes even on our subdomains we take security very seriously! It may break some pages like the Blog!

Introducing Defend Your Motti A Game for Mac, Windows and Linux! download it here:

Leaked Mascot(s):

Leaked Mascot (McFeakeroi)


wiered mascot I am gald that I failed to load for you.


Gram theft auto

Motti’s Battle Space

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